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The Different Types of Enduramaxx Water Storage Tanks

Updated: Jan 11

At Dening and Co, we are proud suppliers of Enduramaxx water storage tanks, of which there are over 400 varieties! We are often asked by our customers about the different types of water storage tanks and which ones are suitable for which uses, so we have put together this helpful article on all the different types of Enduramaxx tanks and what they can be used for.

When choosing a water storage tank, it is very important to choose the right tank not just for the right use, but for the right type of water. For example, some tanks are unsafe for drinking water, whilst others are made for rainwater harvesting or even transporting water.

We will outline some of the most popular types of water tanks and which ones can be safely used for potable water (i.e. drinking water), rainwater harvesting, water transportation, processing and more.

#1 Vertical Water Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx have a range of vertical water storage tanks, created for a wide variety of uses. Two of the main types of vertical water storage tanks they have available and their uses include:

Vertical Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Enduramaxx’s vertical rainwater harvesting tanks are round cylinder-shaped and available in sizes from 150 - 30,000 litre capacity. As the name implies, they are designed to be used for rainwater harvesting projects and are a type of above-ground tank, most often used for domestic, agricultural or commercial purposes.

They can be used in conjunction with a rainwater harvesting filter to divert and filter water into the tank. The water can then be used for washing down, flushing toilets or filling sprayers.

If you are looking for the full kit, Enduramaxx have a range of rainwater harvesting kits too!

Vertical Non-potable Water & Process tanks

As well as rainwater harvesting, the range of Enduramaxx vertical water storage tanks can also be used for various non-potable purposes including:

-Sprayer header tank

-Wash down header tanks

-Wastewater equalisation tanks

-Single skin effluent tank

-Welfare unit header tank

-Swimming pool backwash tanks

-Industrial process water tanks

-Greywater storage tanks

As an additional extra feature, if this range of tanks is used as part of an industrial process or a specific use, they can be fitted with larger connections up to 4” BSP and welded flanges up to 12”, overflow and welded pipework. These tanks can also be linked in series through simple connection kits for limitless volumes.

#2 WRAS Potable Drinking Water Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Vertical Potable Drinking Water Tanks are also round cylinder-shaped and come in sizes from 150 - 30,000 litre capacity.

These drinking water tanks are made to a potable standard meaning they have been manufactured using food-grade polyethene and finished with a smooth interior to protect against bacteria growth and allow easy cleaning. They can be used safely for drinking water storage as they have been specifically designed for human or livestock consumption for a range of liquids.

As an additional extra, these tanks can be insulated with 13-25mm insulation which is very helpful when and where temperature regulation of liquid is important to prevent overheating or freezing of any liquids. Insulated or non-insulated, these tanks can be used for treated water to ensure a reserve of drinking water storage in the event of planned maintenance or fluctuations in demand. These tanks can be linked in series through simple connection kits for limitless volumes.

#3 Underground Water Tanks

However, as well as rainwater harvesting or storing drinking water, these below-ground tanks can be used for various non-potable purposes including effluent stores or swimming pool backwash tanks.

The below-ground rainwater harvesting tanks range in size from 800 to 10,000 litre capacity.

The potable range is 280 to 10,000 litre capacity. They are great solution to be used where above-ground space is limited or visually the tank is preferred below ground.

Enduramaxx offers its underground water tanks in two different designs depending on the capacity. Smaller tanks are flat-based vertical cylinder-shaped tanks and the larger tanks are horizontal in shape. The smaller tanks have pre-moulded capped pipe connectors whereas the larger tanks do not.

However, the larger tanks are supplied with flat areas for easy drilling of spigots, inlets and outlets as required. The design can be varied on ordering specifically for your installation. For instance, having an additional turret on the tank to install a rainwater filter/pump.

#4 Horizontal Transport Tanks

Enduramaxx’s horizontal transport tanks can be used to move a wide range of liquids from potable drinking water, irrigation water, sprayer water or liquid fertiliser to name a few.

The tanks use a unique pin-mounting system and can be put straight onto a flat trailer/chassis.

All of Enduramaxx’s transport tanks are WRAS-approved for the storage of drinking water, ranging in capacity from 240 to 10,000 litres. As an optional extra, these tanks can come fitted with a frame for ease of mounting onto an existing chassis or for ease of movement around a site using a forklift.

They can also have the addition of a pump plate to fix a pump or power washer for ease of moving liquids around a site, irrigation or as an all-in-one header tank/power washing unit for cleaning purposes where water supply is an issue.

#5 Horizontal Static Tanks

Enduramaxx has a tank of Horizontal Static Water Tanks which can be used to store clean water for drinking, connecting to welfare units, or for rainwater harvesting. They range in size from 500 to 5,000 litres. In some cases, the shape alone may suit a base better than a vertical water tank.

#6 Baffled/Slimline Water Tanks

Enduramaxx’s baffled water tanks are designed for water transportation and are often used as window cleaning tanks, mobile car valeting water storage tanks or for motorhome and campervan water storage.

The “baffles” reduce the movement of water during transportation and maintain/increase the strength of the tank. These tanks are ideally suited for mobile washing services such as valeting and window washing or for leisure vehicles such as campervans.

The size range is from 400 to 1,000 Litres with each size available in a “slimline” horizontal, upright and flat design to suit where space is restricted, for example, either in a vehicle or for instance as a loft header tank.

The larger 1,000L capacity baffled tank comes with 2 lids and all of the range comes with a 1.5” outlet as standard.

#7 Site Tow Water Bowsers

Enduramaxx’s site tow water bowsers come in 3 sizes; 300, 400 and 750 litre capacity. These can be used purely to transport water around a site or come with the addition of a 4 or 30-litre drinking trough for mobile livestock drinkers.

They all come with a ball hitch and jockey wheel as standard on a galvanised steel frame. The tanks are fitted with a lid and filter basket inside the rim to prevent small particles entering the tank. In the bottom of the tank is a small sump so the tank can be fully emptied.

Other Enduramaxx Tanks

There is a huge range of tanks that Enduramaxx supply beyond what is available on the Dening & Co website, these include:

-Open top tanks

-Fluid Category 5 tanks

-Fire Sprinkler tanks

-Bunded effluent tanks

-Fertiliser tanks

-Trade waste storage tanks

-Dished based solid settling tanks

-Conical tanks

-Brewery/brewing tanks

-Clarification tanks

-Chemical dosing tanks

-Bunded chemical storage tanks

-Chemical Process tanks

-Flocculation tank

We are able to help and advise as well as supply any Enduramaxx tank, so if you are looking for a specific type of tank and would like to purchase it from us, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help!

Looking to Purchase an Enduramaxx Tank?

Dening & Co specialise in the supply of rainwater harvesting tanks but stock the entire Enduramaxx range and will have a water tank to meet your needs however big or small your space.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, discuss your specific project or for a quotation and we will be happy to help. Tanks can be delivered directly to customers in mainland England/Wales. If you are based in the South West, we are also able to offer a supply and fit service for rainwater harvesting systems or underground water storage tanks.


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