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Enduramaxx Argicultural Rainwater Harvesting Tank Installed in Devon


Are you fed up of high water bills? Do you want to do something with all the rain that falls? We offer rainwater harvesting installation services in Somerset, Dorset, Devon & Wiltshire for residential and industrial/agricultural clients.

Our Rainwater Harvesting Services

We offer rainwater harvesting installation and supply services in Somerset, Dorset, Devon and throughout the South West, working with both residential and agricultural clients who are looking to harness the power of rainwater preservation.

We can supply and install Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting tanks which are suitable for larger spaces and in agricultural settings. We also offer a water butt installation service and we can supply a stunning range of decorative water butts from 3P Technik that will look great in your garden.


If you're looking to save space, we can install our range of underground rainwater tanks throughout the South West.

We can supply a complete rainwater harvesting kit ready for installation and if you're in the industrial or agricultural industry we can liaise with water engineers where necessary. Speak to our team today!

Enduramaxx underground water tank being installed in Somerset

Underground Water Tank Supply & Install

We can supply and install underground water tanks in both residential and agricultural/industrial settings. Our range of below-ground tanks includes Enduramaxx potable and non-potable tanks.

Water Butt Installaton Dorset

If you're looking to save money on water bills and ensure your garden and plants have access to water even during hosepipe bans and droughts, a rainwater harvesting water butt system can bring many benefits.

Agricultural rainwater harvesting tanks installed in Devon

Agricultural/Industrial Rainwater Harvesting

Harvesting rainwater on industrial, farming and agricultural sites can significantly reduce water costs and prevent disruption during droughts, reducing reliance on mains water.

What Is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting refers to collecting and storing rainwater in water storage tanks or water butts instead of letting it disperse into the ground.


By harvesting this free resource we not only save money on our water bills and reduce our carbon footprint but rainwater is much better for watering plants and crops plus it provides us with an independent water supply during drought or times of regional water restrictions and hosepipe bans


Although rainwater is not fit for human consumption, it is ideal for many everyday uses in gardens and agriculture as well as toilet flushing, car washing and laundry.

It can also help to reduce the risk of flooding during storms.

Rainwater is harvested by fitting guttering and pipes to roofs of houses, barns or other structures to direct it to a rainwater harvesting tank or water butt. A rainwater harvesting tank can be above-ground or below-ground, otherwise known as an underground rainwater tank.

Harvested rainwater is usually then pumped or gravity-fed to plants, crops or wherever it is required.


​It is estimated that in UK homes, up to 55% of mains water could be substituted with rainwater.

If you would like to start harvesting rainwater and saving money on your water bills, speak to our friendly team today and we'll be more than happy to help get your new system set up and collecting rainwater!

Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting tank installed on a farm in Somerset
3P Technik Terracotta Water Butt - Decorative Water Butts

The Benefits of Collecting Rainwater

Rainwater is an asset that doesn’t just save money but also reaps dividends for the environment by reducing demand for the mains water supply and hence reducing carbon emissions. Other benefits of collecting rainwater include:

  • Save up to 50% of mains water bill costs

  • Reduce pressure on stormwater drains (prevents blockages by filtering debris)

  • Rainwater is better for plants and crops, it has a balanced pH and is free from chemicals such as chlorine which is found in all mains water

  • Rainwater can be used for watering all types of livestock (incl. back garden poultry)

  • Harvested rainwater is suitable for many applications across all sectors, including toilet flushing, wash down/pressure washing of yards and vehicles, irrigation, dust suppression, agricultural spraying and the watering of livestock.

  • Gives your garden a supply of rainwater during droughts and hosepipe bans.

You can also apply for grants and submit an application for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024. We do a lot of grant work and are happy to work with those in the farming industry who are receiving the FETF grant or other similar grants. You can read more about the FETF 2024 grant on our blog.

Underground Rainwater Harvesting

Suppose you're looking for a space-saving rainwater harvesting solution, or you want to add an extra layer of protection against extreme cold weather. In that case, we also supply and install underground rainwater tanks.


One of the many benefits of underground water tanks is that they are less likely to be damaged or vandalised. They can be connected to sprinklers, irrigation systems and more whilst the water can also be used for many uses in the home, including flushing and supplying water to washing machines.

We can supply and install underground tanks throughout the South West. Having an underground rainwater tank is a great investment in the home and can significantly reduce your water bills.

It also means you also have a source of water in emergencies!

Interested in getting a quote or more information? Drop us a message today and we'll be happy to help!

Underground rainwater tank being installed in Somerset


We can help you in order to supply the correct rainwater harvesting tanks, filters and fittings for your circumstances. We are able to simply supply the equipment or do an appraisal and fitting of a rainwater harvesting system.

#1 Identify The Preferred
Tank Location

Measure the space and height available in order to choose the correct tank and approach to harvest water. 


For residential spaces, we offer a range of stylish tanks and for commercial spaces our tanks come in a range of large, small, horizontal and vertical sizes and shapes.


Contact us for more information and a quote.

#2 Identify The Ideal Tank Size

By using the water catchment formula outlined above, you can calculate the tank capacity you will require for a small garden shed to a large commercial building.


There are a range of different tank sizes, shapes, colours and styles. Sizes range from 150 - 30000 Litre.

#3 Choose An Appropriate Filter Kit

Filters offer a simplistic means of getting water from a downpipe to a tank and the ability once the tank is full to re-divert water back down the downpipe to a soakaway.

We can supply a range of different filers as well as different attachments depending on your required use.

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