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3P Technik Decorative Terracotta Water Butt


Are you looking to install water butts in your garden to harvest rainwater and reduce your water bills? We offer water butt supply and installation services in Somerset, Dorset, Devon & Wiltshire.

Choose from a stunning range of water butts to suit your garden or we can install your existing water butt.

Water Butt Installation Services

We provide water butt installation services to customers in Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire and throughout the South West, so you can start harvesting rainwater today!

We can also supply you with a beautiful decorative water butt or we are happy to install an existing water butt. We cater to all sizes of gardens, no matter how big or small. Speak to our team today to get a quote!

Rainwater Harvesting For Gardens of All Sizes

Whether you have a small or large garden, harvesting rainwater is a great way to make use of this free resource and reap some of the many benefits.


We have supplied and installed many water butts throughout the South West and have a wonderful range of sizes and styles to match your outdoor space.

Our range includes terracotta water butts and water butt planters in sizes from 275L up to 500L, as well as our column butts which start at 800L. All of our water butts can be connected, should you wish to increase the capacity at a later date.


Harvesting rainwater brings many benefits, including:

  • Reduces Water Bills

  • Better for plant and flower growth

  • Can be used for cleaning

  • Can be UV-treated and fed to livestock, chickens etc

  • Reduces pressure on drains during storms

  • Allows you to continue using a hose during droughts

Want to start harvesting rainwater? Speak to our team today and we'll help you get started!

3P Technik Water Butt Planter with Brass Tap
3P Technik Barrel Water Butt with BrassTap

How Clean Is Harvested Rainwater?

Whilst harvested rainwater may not be fit for human consumption, it is perfectly safe to water garden plants and flowers with and can also be used for washing, toilet flushing and other similar purposes.

The pH balance of rainwater is much better suited to plants than tap water, so not only will your water bills and mains water usage be reduced, but your garden should flourish!


A rainwater filter removes any debris as the rainwater enters the tank.

Additionally, calming inlets prevent sediment from being disturbed and the water is oxygenated in darkness to discourage algal growth.

Harvested rainwater can also be UV-treated and used to water poultry and livestock.

If you have any questions or would like to have a water butt installed, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Calculate How Much Water You Could Save

Harvest as much rainwater as you need...

To ensure your rainwater harvesting system meets your requirements and to see how much rainwater you could harvest, please use the following formula for an initial calculation:

Roof area (footprint) in square metres (m2) x annual rainfall in cubic metres (m3) = Approx total annual harvesting potential in cubic metres.

Divide this answer by 1000 to convert cubic metres to litres.

Divide either answer by 12 to get the monthly average rainwater harvesting potential in cubic metres or litres, respectively.

Example: Typical 3-bay Garage 9.6m by 5.7m

Average annual rainfall for the Southwest 850mm - 950mm per the Met office

Area of garage roof = 9.6m x 5.7m

                                    =  approx 55m squared

e.g. 55m x 0.85m Cubed

= 55m x 0.85m x 0.85m x 0.85m

= 34.9 cubic metres of water per year on average

= 34900L of water per year on average

Annual litres of water divided by 12

= 2908 litres of water harvested per month on average.

We recommend storing an average of two to three months’ worth of rainfall (bear in mind you may get three months’) worth in your wettest month.

3P Technik Evergreen Water Butt with Brass tap and watering can
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