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If you're looking to start harvesting rainwater to water the plants and flowers in your garden, a decorative water butt can provide an alternative solution to standard rainwater harvesting tanks that is both functional and beautiful. Our range of ornamental water butts includes the 3P Technik range, featuring terracotta style butts, water butt planters, barrel butts and the popular Noblesse water butts. 

Harvesting rainwater is not only cost-effective and a great way to reduce your water bills, but it is better for the environment too and can be very helpful during water shortages and hosepipe bans. 

If you're looking to purchase one of our decorative water butts and have any questions, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help and advise on the best options for your garden. 

If you are based in the South West, we offer a rainwater harvesting supply and fitting service, allowing you to save some money on your tank and installation!

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