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Want to reduce the costs of your mains water usage and increase your farm's sustainability? Start harvesting rainwater today and enjoy its many benefits.

We can supply and install large capacity rainwater tanks for farmers and landowners throughout the South West.

Agricultural Rainwater Tank Installers

In farming and agriculture, harvested rainwater has many uses, from crop spraying to irrigation and feeding livestock. At Dening & Co, we’re specialists in water preservation and provide rainwater harvesting system installation to farmers and landowners throughout the South West, covering Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire.


Rainwater harvesting is continuously growing in popularity in the farming sector, not just because it reduces reliance on mains water and the associated costs, but because rainwater is softer.


This means that it mixes better with chemicals and can significantly reduce the costs of chemical conditioners, whilst it is also better for crops and helps to produce better and bigger yields.


We’re official stockists of Enduramaxx and Paxton tanks and we are happy to work with those receiving the FETF 2024 grant. If you’re interested in a rainwater harvesting system or you would like to expand on an existing one, speak to our team today!

Uses of Harvested Rainwater in Farming

There are many benefits and uses of harvested rainwater in farming and agriculture. Some of the main uses of harvested rainwater on farms include:


  • Crop Irrigation

  • Crop Spraying

  • Livestock Watering

  • Cleaning uses (i.e. outdoor areas, machinery)

  • Toilet flushing

  • Dairy washdown

  • General pressure washing


Additional settings where rainwater can be used for irrigation and cleaning purposes include orchards, vineyards and nurseries/garden centres.

Agricultural rainwater harvesting systems can pay for themselves in as little as a year, reducing mains water usage significantly to make it a great investment.

Speak to our friendly team today to find out how you could benefit from a rainwater harvesting system!


The Benefits of Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting

Along with the many uses of harvested rainwater in farming and agriculture, there are many benefits too, including:

  • Reduced mains water usage and costs

  • Larger and better crop yields

  • Rainwater is typically preferred by livestock

  • Can reduce risks of flooding and pressure on storm drains, giving somewhere for all the water to go during heavy rainfall

  • Better for the environment and creates sustainable agriculture

  • Provides a backup water supply

  • Reduced surface water drainage costs

  • Farm buildings are typically large with a big roof area, meaning they are great for harvesting large amounts of water

  • Can be fitted with a mains-supply valve that tops tanks up when supplies are low or in times of no rainfall

Rainwater Harvesting Grants For Farmers

There are currently several grants for farmers and landowners that can be used to partially fund rainwater harvesting systems.


These grants include the Farming Equipment & Technology Fund (FETF) 2024 along with the Water Management Grant, both of which include funding for rainwater harvesting systems.


We are happy to work with those who have applied for these grants and we have lots of clients who have had their rainwater harvesting systems funded by these grants.


We also have several rainwater harvesting kits which are grant-eligible items and can be used with our rainwater harvesting tanks.

The bigger your farm buildings, the more rainwater you can harvest. There are two FETF rainwater harvesting grants: one for 5000L rainwater systems and one for up to 50,000L systems.


Watering Livestock With Harvested Rainwater

With emerging advancements in rainwater harvesting technology, with the right filtering and treatment processes, rainwater is perfectly safe for livestock to consume.

Most farm animals typically prefer the taste of rainwater, which unlike treated mains water is not chlorinated and is softer.

Cattle, pigs and sheep in particular consume very large amounts of water on a daily basis, making rainwater harvesting the perfect way to reduce livestock farming costs.

Rainwater tanks can be connected to towable livestock water bowers or feed straight into livestock drinking water troughs.

It is worth noting that rainwater does lack the minerals found in mains water, so it is advisable to supplement the rainwater to ensure the health of livestock.

Interested in rainwater harvesting for livestock? Speak to us today!


Make the transition to sustainable agriculture and benefit from reduced mains costs, increased self-sufficiency, reduced flood risks and more. 

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