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If you're looking for a smaller-sized water storage tank, our range of Enduramaxx 500 litre tanks includes rainwater harvesting tankspotable water tanks, slimline baffled tanks and water transport tanks.

We also have a 500L underground water tank which is an ideal solution to save space. Looking for a larger size? Browse our range of underground water tanks.

Whilst 500L is on the smaller size of water storage tanks, it is certainly big enough to harvest rainwater for watering a small-medium sized garden (many water butts are between 300 and 500L) or for supplying washing machines or toilet flushing.

We're official Enduramaxx tank stockists and offer a full range of tank types and sizes, all with free UK delivery.

If you would like advice on the best type of tank for your requirements, please feel free to drop us a message and we'll be happy to help!

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