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Browse our range of Enduramaxx 5000 litre capacity tanks, including rainwater harvesting tanks, underground tanks, horizontal static tanks, transport tanks and potable water tanks.

If you are receiving the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) grant, our 5000L above-ground tanks are eligible grant items, meeting the minimum size requirement of 5000 litres. Additionally, our Enduramaxx 5000 litre rainwater harvesting kit is also an eligible item for those receiving the grant.


Looking for a different size or type of tank? We're official Enduramaxx stockists and have a full range of water storage tanks for various uses, from harvesting rainwater to using for cleaning, toilet flushing and more. Harvested rainwater in agricultural settings has many uses, such as crop spraying and irrigation which can also benefit crops when compared with using mains water.

If you would like to speak to our team we are happy to advise on the best tank type and size for your requirements. We also offer a rainwater tank supply and installation service in the South West and are happy to work with those receiving the FETF grant.

Browse By Other Popular Enduramaxx Tank Sizes

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